Cultivating in an operating environment cannot be done with traditional techniques and methods, but requires a Special Equipment (MIG Factory Farm) that needs to be transportable, installable and put into operation where necessary, which can work in an automatic, simple and intuitive way and which allows controlled and repeatable productions, all inside of a completely artificial, sterile environment, able to completely ignore the external environment and its contaminations.

  • Nothing on the Roof
  • Optimized Termal Insulation
  • Optimized Consumption
  • Air and Water Treatment
  • Dressing Room for ISO Cleanliness
  • Command & Control Desk
  • Easy Acess for Nutrient Solution

Fully Artificial Environment

  • Lighting
  • Air Conditioning
  • Irrigation & Nourishment
  • Sterilization & Filtration
  • Command & Control


The MIG. adopted technological solutions are the realization, in a standard container, of a completely artificial environment (lighting,  air conditioning, irrigation and nutrients, sterilization, filtration and command and control) for the high-density vertical hydroponic cultivation of micro and baby fresh vegetables, rich in bio-available nutrients, with high added value and high quality and antioxidant properties




MIG Features

  • The container is insulated and sealed to obtain thermal insulation towards the outside and energy containment;
  • the necessary internal decontamination in accordance with ISO14644-1 Class 8 (comparable to that of operating rooms), is obtained thanks to the division into different environments;
  • the infrastructures necessary for decontamination during the transit of personnel and materials are installed near to the access;
  • particular precautions have been adopted to miniaturize the air treatment unit, the vegetable feeding plants and the tanks for the storage of the cultivation water, guaranteeing long operating autonomy;
  • particular care has been taken in maximizing the cultivation area, with the realization of vertical cultivation shelves made from overlapping pallets;
  • each pallet is equipped with independent lighting and irrigation, allowing simultaneous cultivation of different varieties.

MIG Cultivation Tray

  • Custom-Designed Cultivation Trays
  • Completely removable for cleaning, maintenance, replacement
  • It allows to provide the appropriate  lighting for each type of vegetables

MIG Lamps

  • Designed and Manufactured by G & A Engineering (100% Italian)
  • New Generation LED Lamp
  • Multi-Spectral Light
  • Command & Control for Each Single Wavelength
  • Fully Dimmable Independently for Each Single Wavelength
  • Air & Liquid Thermal Dissipation with Selectable Water Temp
  • 1.000 μmol m-2 s-1 @ 200 mm
  • NO Thermal Load in the Cultivation Area
  • Full Remote Monitor and Control
LED radiation

MIG Led Lights

  • The reference unit for plant’s light is PAR (Photosynthetically Active Radiation) a measurement of the energy actually available for photosynthesis.
  • It represents that part of solar radiation that has the main characteristic of being active in the photosynthetic process providing the necessary energy.
  • Irradiance is measured not in Lux or Lumen or K, but in μmol m-2 s-1

Plants and Humans have opposite needs for light and usually traditional horticultural lamps are designed for men and are not optimal for plants, since the perfect light for plants is imperfect for men because it is not pleasant to see.

  • HUMANS have eyes as photon detectors and the sensitivity of the eye has a maximum at a wavelength  of 555nm
  • PLANTS have chlorophyll as a photon receptor and chlorophyll absorption has a maximum between 400-500nm and 600-700nm
Plants - humans difference

Using LED can be introduced precise wavelengths in the same lamp, optimizing the spectral distribution and the photosynthesis process.

The wavelengths, or the colours necessary for the correct growth and development of the plants must be the right mix between:

  • BLUE: stimulates the growth of stem and leaves
  • DEEP RED: makes photosynthesis efficient, vegetative reproduction and stimulates flowering and seed production
  • FAR RED: has a positive effect on the generative properties, on the formation of flowers and roots
  • WHITE: it is a full spectrum light, whose ideal is to contain even a small portion of green

MIG Closed Cycle

The system works in a closed cycle so that all drainage water is returned to the tank, after sterilization, minimizing the need for water.

MIG Command & Control

  • New Generation HMI
  • Command & Control of ALL Subsystems
  • Touch Screen Interface
  • Electronic Cultivation Recipe Management
  • Full Automation
  • Customizable for Remote real-time Command & Control