MIG Features

  • No “Technical” Competences for operation
  • Fully Computerized Management for Each Phase, for Each Cultivation Tray
  • Automated cycle with Electronic Cultivation Recipe
  • LED Lamps for the best lighting conditions optimizing photosynthesis processes
  • ISO 8 Cleaning Class, total absence of pathogens, contaminants, pesticides, for sterile productions without Heavy Metals and Nickel
  • Maximum Production Yield with Cycle Optimization
  • Latest Generation HMI Interface: all parameters command & control, warning         and  failure management, cultivation data historicization, possibility of real-time remote control, etc.

MIG Advantages

  • Complete Decontamination of the Cultivation Area
  • Presence of Filtering Systems Including CBRN Filters
  • High-Density Vertical Hydroponic Cultivations
  • “Clean” Foods without Chemical Treatments
  • Outdoor Environment Isolation
  • Total Computerized Control, from Sowing to Harvest
  • Low Water Usage.

MIG Fallouts

Climate changes, the increase in pollution, etc. make traditional agriculture critical, MIG technologies allow a strong innovation that should be adapted to heterogeneous environments e.g.:

  • Tropicalized and polar version for outdoor temperatures beyond the expected limits (-20° C +50° C)
  • Scalable Down: Domestic and Residential Applications
  • Scalable Up: Construction of Large Plants with command and control performed via Wi-Fi connection from any remote work station, allowing simultaneous remote management of an array of containers complex at will.